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Dear Reader

I shot the ITV button orf my telly years ago.. my taste for the truly inane having been driven out of my soul by the absurdities of Britain’s Got Talent and sundry other dross.  It would appear, however, that BBC 1 – through their truly inane commentary on the 1000 Boats Pageant – is in a race to the bottom with ITV for honours.  I enjoyed the 1000 Boat Pageant – but I watched that ‘live’ from The Stateroom windows with my brother, his wife and two daughters – and had to turn the BBC commentary off.  (I ‘reside’ at Battersea-on-Thames about 10 yards from the river. – Infra)

I gave the crooners a miss.  I didn’t care for their music when they first inflicted it on us – and I fear that music does not age well like wine or cheese.  A quick peek at Sir Tom Jones when I clicked on BBC in error last night confirmed my view on this.  Like a cobra watching a mongoose, I could not resist watching some of the coverage of the Thanksgiving Service this morning – but the craven obsequious tributes and general snivellings – which I understand Her Majesty does not care for – were too much and I had to escape for a walk and a coffee at a caff in World’s End.

For all the advances in education by successive governments of all political hues – it would appear that the BBC thinks we are all cretins and morons judging by the vapid, vacuous, cut aways to ‘celebrities’ ‘having fun’ in Battersea Park and on London bridges. As I write at 13.50 this afternoon… a celebrity autocutie is interviewing a man called Will.I.am – who, I am told, is a crooner.  He is overwhelmed with ’emotion’ by the Jubilee and is ‘excited’.  Mon dieu!

At least the clip of Suggs from Madness on the news – singing “Our Hice…. in the middle of one’s street..”. was amusing.

Here are some pics from the Pageant wot I took on my mobile from the window….

I would describe myself as Republican-lite:  I do admire what The Queen and The Duke have done these past 60 years – and I am horrified to find myself being  persuaded by Carl Gardner’s piece on his Head of Legal blog: The case for constitutional monarchy… almost!

I can, however, do without the craven, the snivelling and digging up of ageing celebrities and inane younger celebrities…and on that note… I spent much of this morning on twitter marvelling about Louise Unmenschionable MP’s ability to spin and exonerate Hunt and Warsi.  She is not a stupid woman – but she appears to be aspiring to such a state of grace with her absurd posturing on the prime minister’s judgement on Jezza Hunt MP who should be referred immediately to our new British Superhero…MINISTERIALCODE MAN.

The ducks have got right.. they often text me…. as, indeed, they did this morning.  I always tweet their texts..

“A duck has texted me..”We’re pretty sure we have just seen Louise Unmenschionable MP walking across the river.. on the bleedin’ water!”

Ah well.. back to ‘normality’ whatever that is… Collapse of the Eurozone… global financial meltdown and, no doubt, excessive and cosily banal coverage of The Olympics… which I shall be avoiding until they allow competitors to take drugs.  As I have said before… I’d pay good money to see an athlete High Jump seventy feet into the air.

Have a good… what is left of The Diamond Jubilee… and may gawd have mercy upon our souls… or whatever is left of yours if you work in the City!

Best, as always



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