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Rising at 5.00 to a pale sunny dawn which turned into a glorious summer morning, I drank tea and looked over the river from my desk in the bay window overlooking the Thames.

A few ducks had gathered – no doubt to consider and reflect upon today’s bread and circuses:  Clegg at Leveson, PMQs on BBC Daily Politics and the ‘spectacle’ of Mr Jeremy Hunt MP  rebutting the Labour motion to send him to MinisterialCode Man with..“I haz dun nuffink wrong…Evar!  Louise Unmenschionable MP has exonerated me and Dave said I was innocent within minutes of my ‘strong’ performance at Leveson.”

Carl Gardner argues, rightly in my view –  Hunt’s handling of the NewsCorp-BSkyB deal was unlawful

Ah well… after my dental visit this morning and injections which left me sounding like the Elephant Man… I need a day of panem et circenses.  Could be amusing?

And finally… A duck has texted me..“If PM Cameron can forget his child at pub… just imagine how much he can forget for appearance at #Leveson.”


But the day ended rather badly…

Ah well.. predictably the beserkers rushed into the house – not bothering to actually listen to the debate – to vote for their chum Hunt.  Winning a motion does not, of course, mean that Hunt did not break the ministerial code. If 57 Lib-dems had grown some… Hunt would have lost the motion.

Invertebrate (n): political or animal species that does not develop a vertebral column.
Synonym: Liberal-Democrat


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