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Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera lives on with the announcement today that Prince Charles is to be made Field Marshall, Admiral of the Fleet and Marshall of The Royal Airforce – the highest military ranks.

The luvvies are doing their best to see who can be the most self-deprecating about their ‘Honours’… the BBC reports

The British Empire Medal makes a come back.  But no ‘Empire Comeback’ – Ingerland beating Sweden at the footer is good, but not quite in the same league.

Honours & Awards – harmless enough I suppose – an opiate for some, desired by the self important – I prefer the style of the many who turn them down.  They don’t need awards… I don’t quite see why anyone needs one.

Anyway.. to my question:

Question: In the two pictures above – who is the odd one out?

Answer:  Trick question.  There is no odd one out.  They all have honours they have given themselves or been given for being ‘Royal’…. and why would I be against such a thing?  Haha.. I’m not.. I regularly award myself geegaws and baubles.

Fancy being a Lord or Lady?  No problem… just make yourself a duke or buy ‘nobility’ from the internet


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