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noun – Laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal tolerance for deviation with/from views of libertarian tweeter
I have used Twitter for just over four years, racking up over 100,000 tweets in the process, and enjoy reading amusing tweets, the links and information provided by Twitter users –  and the debate when it is thoughtful, informed and intelligent.

However – there is a great deal of  ill informed discussion, inevitably, and while I will – to abuse the famous aphorism – defend to the death the right of all to talk complete bollocks (including my own bollocks) on Twitter and elsewhere – this does not mean that I need to engage with sundry whackjobs, tin foil hatwearers and intolerant ‘libertarians’ who seem blind and deaf to views which differ from their own. So I don’t and won’t now – if only for the sake of what is left of my ‘sanity’.

There are many on Twitter, including well known tweeting lawyers, who seem to get bogged down in fruitless ‘engagement’ with others on Twitter and then get ‘the hump’ when they find that their carefully constructed and well thought out  responses to the whackjobs et al  go unheard.

It may be, of course, that these tweeters are bandwagon jumpers and ‘engage’ to ensure that their ‘brand’ is kept before an adoring public when the music from their previous triumph fades into the chilling ether of obscurity – and  the twitter wildebeest herd  stampedes on to yet another OUTRAGE  – in which case…caveat bandwagonjumperor.

Twitter is a fine tool but it can, when overused, lead to *atrophy*.  I am grateful to my friend, US lawyer Dan Hull, who writes the excellent Whataboutclients? blog (Weekend edition: WhataboutParis?) for drawing my attention to ‘atrophy’.

The dark side of my nature bubbled up this morning on twitter – shortly before I escaped/farked orf to t’caff for black coffee and the papers. I tweeted: “*Atrophy* – the partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body including the brain following twitter overuse.”

To which @princessofVP responded with the excellent : “Twatrophy?”

Anyway.. we are where we are.. to use yet another overlaboured phrase…

Enjoy your Sunday… of OUTRAGE… if that is your bag!

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