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Van Rouge / Cuppa Law Tour of the UK

After 30+ years in legal education – and, to be honest, a bit bored with living in London – I  came up with a mildly surreal idea last year  of touring Britain for 3-6 months doing podcasts with lawyers and non-lawyers as I go –  with a detailed commentary on law, life and other matters as I find them…

IN A VAN… in fact… thanks to @Robert_HM on twitter…. I have a strapline.. “Van Rouge Tour”.  I think Van Cuppa Tour is more appropriate now as a strapline!

I lost interest in the luxuries of life over ten years ago and having spent a lot of time in my early life living under canvas in Africa…. and sometimes… no canvas….the idea of six to nine months in a camper van appeals to me.  It would also be a real pleasure to get out and talk to lawyers and non-lawyers all over the country to see what they think about our legal system.

A mix of podcasts, blog posts, tweets, photos, and even the odd video – with me behind the camera.

I have a few organisations interested in sponsoring this.  I do need a few sponsors – to assist in purchasing a van (6k is a price being offered by a friend – but the van can be sold at the end of the tour and the sponsor will get most of the money back)  Macbook, camcorder and sound recording equipment (£3k) and £15k to cover costs – I will happily cover the rest of the costs. Obviously, I won’t be able to do the consultancy work I do in London and while I am more than happy to take a drop in income to do this project, I have to be realistic and raise £20k.

Our legal heritage in this country is remarkable.  The legal profession is undergoing change. There are fascinating legal cases from history.  I want to write about all of this and talk to people – lawyers, judges, police, prison officers, academics – and do some vox pops with members of the public to see what they think our our legal system.  I think it will be a fascinating project

If any law firm, law school, publisher –  in fact anyone   – is interested in being part of this ‘legal Domesday book’ as a sponsor and being mentioned in ‘reports from the frontline’  please get in touch

NB – I plan to start the tour in the latter part of October – I have to move from Battersea and I would far rather do the tour than sit about in another flat elsewhere…but I first have to get a flat organised as a base for weekends.

Update: Deminos  is the HR consultancy and outsourcing company that offers a unique opportunity for businesses to receive HR services from people who are real experts in their field – as well as receiving seasoned and expert employment law advice.

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