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Dear Reader,

I am homeless from next Saturday – but I am fairly certain I can find a base in another place not far from a river in Kent in  time –  where the subversive ducks who wish to accompany me will be subversive.

I have been a bit pre-occcupied with the need to move to cover legal matters on my blog and I have also been putting detailed plans in place for the Van Rouge / Van Cuppa UK Tour – which is becoming more viable by the day.  I will keep you posted.

I marvel, however, at the astonishing behaviour  of The Chief Prick, Thrasher Mitchell MP.  (The Sun wot haz da storyThe Truth?) While I am certain that police officers have had far worse thrown at them – it is astonishing that a well educated cabinet minister can behave in this way. I understand that he went to Rugby School.  He may have taken the Flashman toasting Tom Brown  over the fire part rather too literally?  It is unlikely he will behave as a gentleman, belatedly, and resign. It is unlikely that our prime minister will sack him.  We shall see.

So we now have the happy position in our Coalition Government of being governed by several laughing stocks who have appeared in the last ten days to amuse us:

First up was Grant Shapps MP, the new Tory Chairman, who has several alter egos on the web and does some every odd things on twitter. Apparently he is a guru under the “Michael Green” brand and advised people on how to ‘market’ on the web.

The Guardian reports: Grant Shapps posed as web guru at $3,000-a-head Las Vegas conference

Then, earlier in the week:  We had Clegg doing an apology and the far more amusing parody from The Poke. I need not rehearse it here because it has gone viral, as apposed to the Tory party going toxic.

The Grauniad again with…. Nick Clegg apology video: the best parodies and….

The Nick Clegg Apology Song: I’m Sorry (The Autotune Remix)

And not forgetting that wonderful piece of Panem et Circenses”  to keep us entertained post Olympics,  lest we fall into Malthusian dystopic desuetude…. the appointment of Chris “Kill a Burglar” Grayling as Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. We shall see how that develops in time.  I suspect it will not go well.

Well… there we are.  I shall return on the morrow and shoehorn a bit of law into what is, metaphysically and theoretically at least, a law blog.
Best as always.  have a good weekend


And finally… in case you are worried about all the rage in the world… I repeat an inclusion of  some nonsense I did about twitter some time ago..

Update: Beecham Peacock  is one of the United Kingdom’s leading specialists in many different legal areas, including: personal injury claims, car accident claims and family law.

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Planning a move to Kent for six months for the end of next week and then the beginning of my Van Rouge / Cuppa tour (Details below).  Being sensible, I have decided to find a base to return to at weekends. If I can pull off the tour (I am getting good sponsor interest and many from twitter offering a bed for the night – which is most kind!), I can cover much of England & Wales over six months 4-5 days a week -. I may be a bit blogging light over the next week as I organise this.

However, I hope to do a Postcard From the Staterooms at Battersea-on-Thames – my last from Battersea, tomorrow.

Back later or tomorrow…

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