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Eating out isn’t always the experience we hoped it would be. Whilst problems with service can be rectified with a complaint and lack of tip, if you start to feel ill after a dinner out; things can be a little more complicated.

Whilst personal injury compensation is actually available if you have suffered food poisoning after eating out, it can often be quite difficult to prove. If you’ve been suffering from the food you ate last night, a compensation claim is possible; just make sure you do the following.
Personal injury claims for food poisoning

If you believe you have suffered food poisoning from food you have been served in a restaurant, you should contact personal injury solicitors with experience in this area of the law. In most instances they will represent you on a no win no fee basis, so if you think you may have a claim it’s always worthwhile to ask the question.

In a lot of instances of food poisoning claims, in order for it to be successful, a number of customers in the same establishment will have to have suffered the same or similar symptoms. An investigation into the restaurant may need to be carried out by environmental health who will determine the existence of bacteria in the food or in the kitchens. Report the matter to the establishment where you have eaten and ask if they have had any other complaints.

In relation to your individual claim, your personal injury solicitors will arrange for you to see a gastric expert who will be able to understand the exact nature of the food poisoning and illness you have suffered. They can make an analysis of the bacteria involved, the treatment that may be required and the potential long term effects.

Different types of food poisoning
The most common types of food poisoning include the following bacteria:
E coli bacteria – in most instances this is a harmless bacteria, but certain types can develop a poison which causes stomach pains and illness if ingested

Campylobacter – the most common type of bacteria which can cause food poisoning; it’s often found in poultry (especially chicken), red meat, untreated water and unpasteurised milk
Salmonella – this is also a very common bacteria causing food poisoning; it’s found in meat, poultry, eggs and unpasteurised milk
Other common bacteria in food poisoning claims include those found in uncooked rice (Bacillus cereus), unwashed food (Clostridium perfringens) and certain cheese (Listeria monocytogenes bacteria).

What symptoms should I look out for?

Common symptoms of food poisoning include:
Abdominal pain

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Guest Post: Motorcycle accident claims – who are we dealing with?

Motorcyclists are more at risk of accidents on the road than any other vehicle, but what sort of person is most often at the centre of these incidents?

Orbis Solicitors are based in Lancashire and offer a tailor-made motorcycle accident claim service created by bikers, for bikers. The team are motorcyclists themselves and the company is a prominent supporter of biking events in the local area.

Motorcyclists often crop up in road accident cases, with injuries proven to be much more likely and serious for riders than car drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.

Last year, incidents of death or serious injury rose for the first time in four years, with nearly 400 more cases than in 2010. These accidents can affect everybody, but 2011 stats from the Department of Transport allowed us to paint a profile of the average motorcycle accident victim.

Those aged 20-29 were most likely to be involved, with 1,285 deaths or serious injuries and 3,870 slight injuries among that group. Indeed, slight injuries were most common among the younger age groups, which you can perhaps put down to inexperience.

However, the second-highest number of deaths and serious injuries (1,271) was found in the 40-49 age bracket, with 914 of those occurring on bikes with engines above 500cc. Men were much more accident prone than women, with 5,076 male casualties compared to just 313 among females.

Whose fault is it?

The temptation may be to label these two groups stereotypically as ‘boy racers’ or men going through a mid-life crisis, but the truth is somewhat different. In almost half of these cases, there was no fault attached to the rider at all, but rather other drivers or unfortunate environmental factors such as road defects.

In fact, car drivers not looking properly is often cited as the most common reason for motorcycling accidents, far ahead of other causes such as loss of vehicle control.

Establishing where this blame lies is to key to any motorcycle accident claim, and in many cases getting this information early on will help immensely, particularly if you have been knocked off your bike by an uninsured driver or fallen victim to a hit and run situation.

What happens next?

Whatever the cause of your injury, you will certainly need to get medical attention very early on, and often specialist rehabilitative care will be required. Your solicitor should ensure this happens straight away rather than waiting for the conclusion of the claim, as this may often take a while to achieve and it is vital to begin your recovery straight away. If this doesn’t happen, you’ve suddenly got a lot more to worry about. Receiving early specialist treatment helps considerably in a lot of cases in getting back to your pre-accident life and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Lots of solicitors will tell you they are specialists in motorcycle accident claims, but it’s easy to spot those who are perhaps stretching the truth a bit. With a bit of digging, it’s possible to find those who really do have a passion for motorcycling, like Orbis Solicitors and let them chase compensation from the offenders.

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