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Is A Career In Medical Negligence For You?

Torts, is often a law student’s favorite subject during law school and is usually where the “juiciest” (quite literally) cases come from. All of us remember the (in) famous Donoghue v. Stevenson case where poor Donoghue found a snail in her ginger beer. She decided to sue Stevenson for breaching his duty of care to provide a safe product to Donoghue. Though her claim was for a measly £500, this case set out the law for negligence and perhaps rid England and Scotland of snail-infected ginger beer!

However, given the plethora of torts available to a litigant, picking a career in tort law will largely be determined by one’s eagerness to get down and dirty. One such field is medical negligence and it supports the theory that medical professionals should perform their duty as one possessing superior skills and education.

Why Medical Negligence?

You are an attorney who loves a challenge.

Medical negligence falls neatly under the general law on negligence.  However, proving the element of causation becomes particularly challenging in medical negligence cases. A plaintiff typically visits a doctor after he/she has been suffering from a medical condition. Showing that it was his/her preexisting condition that resulted in her injury as opposed to the doctor’s negligence is incredibly challenging and attorneys will have to find innovative arguments to show otherwise. Further, calculating damages also proves challenging since an attorney will have to segregate any pre-existing conditions from conditions or injuries that result from the doctor’s negligence.

You enjoy the art of negotiating.

Doctors covered with malpractice liability insurance, on being sued, will let their insurance companies deal with the respective claim. This means, in addition to having to deal with the negligent doctor, you will have to negotiate with an insurance company. Half the battle with insurance companies lies in the art of negotiation and therefore if you enjoy negotiating, a career in medical negligence is right up your alley of expertise.

You possess exceptional people management skills.

The key to a successful career in medical negligence lies in your ability to communicate with people. Having a genuine interest in an individual’s problems and sensitivity towards their medical conditions will help build your clientele in this field.

You want to help rebuild lives.

The joy that comes from helping someone rebuild his or her life is unexplainable. A career as a medical negligence attorney will help you satisfy your inner inklings to do something good for society.

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