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Franz Liebkind: Not many people know it, but the Fuhrer was a terrific dancer.

The Producers (1968)

Apologies to The Pythons for hijacking the ‘Lumberjack’ song for pic above

As the EDL and BNP marched in Britain today to a faster pace, dreaming of being the master race,  and a #UKIP activist calls Lee Rigby’s family “idiots” for denouncing the #EDL – I could not help but recall the Mel Brooks Classic, The Producers (1968) and, in particular the ‘Springtime for Hitler’ song.

While laughing at fascists is good for the soul – and is probably quite a good way or dealing with them – they do spread hatred and the threat of and use of violence to express themselves.  This purple prose nonsense from a BNP supporter on the BNP website is fairly typical of the nonsense and hatred they spout:


The people of this great nation must remember the attitudes and beliefs that made us the Greatest Empire on Earth: intolerance of injustice; absolute belief in our duties; and resolutions to make the world a better place.

Islamist extremism is a cancer that must be purged. The ethnic communities of this country that nurture and cultivate extremism must at all costs be removed. We must remember what it means to be British.

Lee Rigby represents the warrior alive in each of us. One by one Islamist extremism is covertly ambushing our goodwill and butchering our culture.

Immigrants to this country must assimilate or expect to be extradited. We, the British people, must not sacrifice our beliefs, our children’s safety, our way of life and willingly surrender it to the cancerous invaders, savages and murderers, being accepted into our society.

Perhaps Mr Farage will check the background of candidates and supporters more closely  to ensure that UKIP  doesn’t turn into the ‘nasty party’ and become BNP / EDL Lite?


AND…on to the law blogs…

“It’s official! Kysen is now working for the man “with the best profile pic of any QC” according to the legal twitterati.  Hardwicke‘s PJ Kirby is shown here in full silk regalia, and clearly in a state of high excitement, on his way to the silks’ inauguration.”

From Clare Rodway’s The Conversation blog Sunday 14th April 2013.

I tend not to ‘gush’ or ‘exude’ – but I like Clare Rodway,  and her blog, The Conversation,  is fascinating, providing insights into the world of lawyers through sharply observed cameos.  Well worth a bookmark!

And another excellent blog – on  the ‘Art of Food’ –  with some beautifully crafted observations on restaurants is The Food Judge written by Brecher managing partner, Nicky Richmond.

I’d been up till two am the night before, discussing the merits of good lighting with Hugh, my new BFF and the man who is going to help make my house look mid-Century-modern-fabulous, so I really hadn’t planned on being sociable, especially not with clients….

The Food Judge on Il Baretto

I dipped into the world of restaurant reviewing (and was actually commissioned to review a few restaurants – an amusing ‘wheeze’) a couple of years ago with this nonsense: Charon goes to a restaurant run by East European border guards?

And John Bolch – provider of a very comprehensive review of analysis and comment on his Family Lore blog – has also created Edgar Venal, a man who lives up to his name and who is the senior partner of Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors

Inforrm’s blog: 

Can you help the Campaign for Freedom of Information? Urgent Appeal for Funds – Evan Harris

The Campaign for Freedom of Information (“CFOI”), one of the most important public interest campaigning bodies in Britain in recent decades, is in financial difficulties and needs help urgently.

AND… I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post from Giles Peaker who started the Nearly Legal blog some years ago… most amusing: A lesson in professionalism

Do have a look to see what lawyers who blog have to put up with sometimes from people with a ‘sense of entitlement’ – even though we blog ‘free to view’.

PINK TAPE covers the legal aid reforms in relation to Family Law: YOU HAVE BEEN CONSULTED

It is important for Lawyers to be LinkedIn, Fleecebooked (HT @afneil) and on Twitter…is it?  Really? 


Quick round ups…

Obiter J covers the whole life term imposed on Mark Bridger.  Those unfamiliar with judicial sentencing practice will, I am sure, find this analysis useful:  Whole life term imposed for murderer of April Jones

Carl Gardner on his Head of Legal blog covers a webinar from the Law Society: The future of press regulation: Law Society webinar

The Justice of The Peace considers: BAD DRIVING AND COMPUTERS

The Justice Gap: SAVE UK JUSTICE DEMO: TUESDAY, JUNE 4 –  There will be a rally outside the Ministry of Justice next week, on Tuesday 4th June 2013 – the day the consultation on the government’s proposals to ‘transform legal aid’ closes – from 4.30 to 7.30 pm – see (here)  for details.

Conflict of Laws.net:  ECJ Refuses to Extend the Scope of Article 5 (3) Brussels I to Coperpetrator

David Allen Green on Jack of Kent:  Public interest and the Computer Misuse Act

The Bizzle:  When is an alteration not an alteration? – ” Exciting news about public sector outsourcing (well, it’s relative) draws me back to the blog . This time it’s Serco, fingered by the Guardian (EXCLUSIVELY!) for alleged misconduct in the performance of a contract to supply out of hours GP services in Cornwall. The allegations include understaffing and excessive wait times for the patient helpline. There’s also this….”

The Panopticon blog from 11KBW:  Surveillance: RIPA and the Communications Data Bill

Litigation Futures: LSB calls for regulator focus on DBA ‘mis-selling’ risk

UKSC blog:  Upcoming cases in the Supreme Court


And with that…I am orf to watch a bit of Nordic Noir…. I shall return with Review 4 soon…

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