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3 Things To Remember When Preparing For Divorce
Thomas Chaytor Solicitors 

A divorce is never an easy process to go through. With emotions high, finances at stake and, if children are involved, their custody up in the air, it is understandable that finding agreeable ground is not always an easy process.

If you have or are contemplating filing for a divorce from you partner, it is always good to know what to expect throughout the procedure and what things you may be able to prepare for. Whilst there is no guarantee of a smooth and problem-free process, it is important to understand the consequences and consider every possibility before acquiring a divorce.

Divorce Preparation 

Whilst there is no such thing as a ‘simple divorce’, acquiring the services of a qualified and reputable solicitors will ensure that your divorce is carried out fairly and in consensus with all parties involved. Ensure you acquire the services of an established divorce specialist solicitor, as their experience and expertise will help to guide and advise you throughout the process.

What many people are unsure of is what a divorce will actually involve. Amid tales of costly, argumentative and outrageous disagreements, the process itself is far less intimidating and constructive results can be achieved responsively.

What many people want is a quick and resolved resolution, which is why; here is a basic guide on what you can do to help prepare for the divorce process.

#1 – Gather Financial Info

If you are able to organise your finances before the divorce is underway, you can begin to gain control over the financial expectancy of the divorce. Obtaining a divorce is not cheap and the longer the procedure goes on, the more solicitor costs can begin to add up.

Outline any debts you owe and make sure you have invoices and receipts of purchases and bills as well any account information. It may be worth closing or freezing any joint accounts, in order to prevent your spouse from using the account as well as running up charges that you may be held responsible for. This will protect both parties involved.

#2 – Don’t Move Out

This may go through your thoughts and unless there is a form of abuse, by moving out you could inadvertently affect the outcome of your divorce.

By moving out, you could affect the interest that you have in property. It is important to remain strong and should you have no alternative but to move out, continue to pay a portion of your mortgage payment and document your contributions. This can affect a decision on property distribution as well as child custody.

#3 – Children Are Always The First Priority

It is important to remember this at every stage of your divorce. Remain on your best behaviour as a divorce can often mean being put under a microscope. Ensure you do nothing to affect the outcome and don’t provide your spouse with ammunition.

A divorce can be a stressful process for all involved, and none so more so than for the children involved. Consider their needs at all times and ensure that their requirements are met. Don’t stop being a parent!

Preparation is key

Whilst there are no shortcuts when it comes to a divorce, remembering the above will only help you prepare for your divorce and always acquire the experience and expertise of a reputable divorce solicitor firm.

Phil Warrington writes on what to expect from the divorce procedure as well as things to remember when preparing for a divorce; with thanks to Thomas Chaytor Solicitors, reputable and established solicitors who specialise in family law, child law and divorce proceedings.

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