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Guest Post: Is there a PI reputation crisis?

Is there a PI reputation crisis? 

Personal Injury law gets very little prestige and respect in the academic community. If you look at the best Universities, rarely do you see a professor who specializes in personal injury law or a program dedicated to learning its specializations.

Take, for example, Oxford: if you look its list of course offerings, you can study anything from European Union law to Roman law…but nothing close to personal injury. In the United States, the University of California: Los Angeles School of Law has dozens of specializations and entirely separate institutes within the school dedicated to anything from business law and policy to sexual orientation law, but nothing on personal injury.

The relegation of PI to the lowest rank of legal practice seems unfair, unearned and outdated. Especially in the current age of corporate corruption, one would think that the lawyers who fight for those who are taken advantage or and both physically and emotionally damaged would be considered slightly more noble than, say private equity lawyers or bankruptcy attorneys.

Hollywood, of all places, seems to be the only place where personal injury law is seen as heroic, with films such as Erin Brockovitch or A Civil Action, standing up for the less fortunate. But about as often as the film industry paints PI lawyers as saviors, they are portrayed as ambulance chasers and bottom feeders.

Do you know of any universities or firms trying to offer training in PI? Are there ways that, we as a group can elevate the public’s view of PI law?”

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Back to blogging very soon …

I am looking forward to getting back to regular blogging very soon – as the spinal injury I had heals…. I may miss the walking stick 🙂

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