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A few views from the law blogs…

The economy may be turning a corner and the outlook brightening.  Legal jobs & lawyer recruitment in London appears to be on the up.

Prisoner Votes…
Carl Gardner, writing at his Head of Legal blog, considers the current position on the right of prisoners to vote in a most useful analysis of the UK Supreme Court judgment: R (Chester) v Justice Secretary, McGeoch v Lord President.

Carl Gardner opens his analysis thus: “It’s no surprise that the Supreme Court has today unanimously dismissed appeals by two prisoners who wanted various remedies under the Human Rights Act and EU law for being denied the vote in Parliamentary, local, Scottish Parliament and European election. These cases were always weak.”

Francis Fitzgibbon QC, writing in the LRB in September on the ‘Bedroom Tax’ has an interesting and very readable analysis on ‘Judicial Activisim’.  A good (and informative) read: Judicial Activisim.


Alex Novarese, well known for his time as editor of Legal Week, moved some time ago to take up a position as Editor-in-Chief at Legal Business.  The  Legal Business blog is a good read.  The Deal Watch feature on Dr Martens – a case of putting the boot out? – is worth a look: Deal Watch: CC and DLA Piper step up on £300m Dr Martens buyout

And…of course… for a very useful review on matters Human Rights et al – The UK Human Rights blog edited by Adam Wagner, Rosalind English and Angus McCullough QC is a very good read.  Another hall of mirrors human rights story from the Telegraph  will give you a good insight into the coverage this excellent blog provides.

I have been out of circulation for several months due to a rather severe spinal injury sustained in a bizarre accident.  I fell backwards into the bath while shaving – tripping on a wet bathmat.  I couldn’t even sue anyone which some would say may have hurt more than the injury.  I could not possibly comment on such a suggestion.

Back to blogging regularly now and my podcasts will resume soon.

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