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I return to reasonably sane health after cracking my spine in a daft accident while shaving.  I tripped on a bathmat and fell backwards into the bath.  It ‘took me out’ for nigh on three months – but I do get to walk about with a hi-tech walking stick, so not all doom.

There is much to comment on – so this post may be a long one.

A commenter on my blog calling himself ‘Barrister Bill’ managed to irritate me  (Not an easy thing to do) with an inane comment on a guest blog post.

It would appear that he did / does not understand the meaning of the phrase ‘Guest Post’. I had to advise him that he may be better served by attending a UKIP rally if he wishes to vent his spleen, rather than doing so in the comments section of my blog.  It may be, however, that ‘Barrister Bill’ did not have enough work to keep him occupied – giving him time to do a bit of inane spleen venting on a law blog.

The guest post in question which ‘Barrister Bill’ objected to is in the link which follows – for his rude comment and my reply to same – here is the link:

I have found, in general, that a bit of courtesy goes a long way.  Trolling on twitter or blogs is not a good way to move forward in life?

And so to further matters surreal: 

Alex Aldridge over at Legal Cheek (always worth a read) has been on great form of late with some marvellous stuff… a selection for your delight and delectation if you do not already follow his blog…




And now to something less surreal…. arguably….

Why Chris Grayling should bury his appeal against Richard III ruling
Joshua Rozenberg

“Justice secretary has hypocritically accused Plantagenet Alliance of wasting taxpayers’ money in their fight for a consultation over late king’s reinterment site”

I enjoyed my time at Leicester.  I hope that Leicester gets to keep Richard III – finders keepers seems perfectly reasonable to me?

While I was recovering from the spinal injury, I was able to read Tweets.   It may be that I am imagining it – but has Twitter become rather nasty, at times, of late?

But..on the good side, a QC who is doing a lot of good – and he’s on t’telly.

I have been enjoying Gary Bell’s television appearances on BBC, assisting the wronged and putting across the good side of the legal world.

Gary Bell is the real rudest man in Britain – and he’s on your side

James Delingpole writes in The Spectator.  “His family were panicked about The Legalizer. You can see why. But you’ll love him…”
Back soon with another ‘Postcard From The Bunker’..maybe even later tonight, depending on how the mood takes me….

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