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Charon to be restaurant critic….

Charon QC

You may find this truly astonishing, but I have been invited by Della Croft, the MD of Law And More, of which more later, and Vanessa Wozniak, the Editor of the LawandMore online magazine ……to be their guest restaurant critic!

To be fair, at the age I am, I have eaten quite a bit of food and have done my best to sample and taste the wines of the world. I think I’ll be able to ‘hack’ it.

I was offered this guest spot on the strength of a restaurant review I did on Charon a year ago – re-printed today on the LawandMore website.


Have a look at their website – it is packed with information and is unusual. You may have read my review a year ago. If you have not done so – and would like to do so – have a look here.


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