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Essential Tips On How To Take Great Headshot Photos
Sarah Morris


Taking great headshot photos can seem to be a challenging prospect. A headshot means a type of technique wherein the camera’s focus is on the person’s face. Your subject looks through the camera in a slightly intense environment- waiting for your direction. Behind that look or smile, a person can be nervous.


How do you come up with the most compelling shots, making sure that the overall result is excellent?


Here are essential tips on how to take great headshot photos.


  1. Focusing on the eyes


They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. There is nothing more important than showcasing the eyes because it draws in the viewer of the photo. Furthermore, it can form an instant connection with anyone who comes across the photograph.


  1. It’s all about the angles


Angles will affect the overall outcome of the photograph. Mostly, for women, to make the eyes rounder and emphasized and the face to look more delicate, you have to shoot downwards. However, this varies for men; you have to shoot slightly upwards to highlight strength and accomplishment.


  1. Diffused light


The skin is an essential feature, especially if you’re going for a close up shot. You can try using diffuse lighting to spread on the skin, eliminating blemishes and bringing more definition to the subject’s facial features.


  1. Using the right lenses


Take note- lenses can make or break a photograph. Avoid mid to wide angle lenses. Instead, you can use a lens that is 90mm and above because it slims the face and compresses the overall appearance of the image.


  1. Hair light


Every detail is critical. A hair light can either be put behind or above the subject to add more depth to the shot.


  1. Pull expressions out of your subject


An expression from your subject is one of the most critical aspects of achieving an excellent headshot. Try to pull out emotions as much as you can, making the overall photo more casual and natural-looking. You can guide them by telling them a compliment, cracking a funny joke, or ask thought-provoking questions that can show their personality as well as real and raw emotions on their face.


What makes a great headshot?


Here are some elements of a good headshot that can improve your overall work.


  • eye contact- the subject looks directly into the camera
  • the frame is from the chest and up
  • good lighting to one’s face
  • avoiding shadows
  • it showcases your aura and personality


The takeaway


A good headshot can work wonders. It is, therefore, crucial to come up with the perfect outcome because people can use it to make their online job profiles look good, highlights their personal brands, email signatures, blogs and so forth. It serves the purpose of making a lasting connection with the viewer that can speak volumes.
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