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The meaning of the Greek word ψυχή, or psyche, was “life”. The Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote a treatise on the psyche;  in Latin De Anima and in English On the Soul.  Thoughts of Aristotle were prompted in Carver’s mind when a brown moth, small wings tinged with gold flecks, landed on his desk to the left of his iMac, settling but an inch in front of a half empty bottle of cheap claret. Carver watched the moth for several minutes.  The moth was very still………



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I continue to write the novel ‘noir’ – The Smoke That Thunders. The Prologue and Chapters 1, 2, and 3 are now up.  I have always found it best to read ‘novels’ in the right chapter order – see the blog roll!  (Unfortunately, WordPress blogs always seem to post the most recent posts at the top – in this case, in reverse order.)

Here is the link

There is an audio version as well.. with some sound effects and some unusual accents.  An *acTOR*, I am not)

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A novel noir?:  An experiment which may never be completed… As they say…all references to people living or dead or imagined are just that… purely imaginary….

An unremitting diet of law makes ‘Jack’ a dull boy… so, with industrial amounts of time at night to waste, I thought I would try my hand at a different style of writing. Who knows how it will turn out?  Who knows what will happen next?  I make it up as I go along…

Publishing in instalments – such a ‘Dickensian’ thing to do – I am taking advantage of the blog format to permit a bit of mixed media and links to things which interest me.  I am also able to faff about with an audio version with added sound effects.

I’ve no idea how frequently I’ll publish ‘instalments’… but here is the Prologue to set the scene…

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