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It being Friday, and  in a sardonic mood,…I thought I would institute a new ‘Order’The ‘Pretentious Moi? Award.

Now who… do you think this would be written of…..?

“A feature in Tatler magazine described how the pair liked to rise early “at their two-bedroom taupe-painted barn outside Chipping Norton” to fly to Venice by private jet for lunch at Harry’s Bar before returning to central London for dinner at Wilton’s restaurant in Jermyn Street.”

The answer to this absurd nonsense may be found here…at the foot of the rather sick making article.

I have, as it happens, had the pleasure of visiting both establishments – but I didn’t waste most of the day sitting in an airplane or tube, car or other transport… simply because I did it on different days… still…where would we be without this sort of smuggery? The world would be a poorer place.

Linked-In and Facebook

I amused myself for a while this morning – deleting my Facebook account.  I hardly ever used it.  I was asked some time ago to join Linked-In.  I was frivolous and registered myself qua “Charon QC”, president of Charon International PLC and put my occupation as a money launder and bank shares short seller.  I can’t really see the point of spending my life on Social media sites – apart from Twitter and blogging which I enjoy – so there was a pleasure in deleting Facebook and Linked-In.   The only problem is that Linked-in… means just that.  I could not find any button to press to delete my account, sohhad to waste yet more time removing all the ludicrous information I had put in in the first place.

I shall continue to use twitter to talk with those I talk with on twitter.  I don’t use twitter for any other purpose and it is enjoyable to use the service to keep in touch with fellow tweeters.

And… on the subject of social media….

My “Rive Gauche” posts are now moving to Saturday….

Must dash… got a lunch appointment at Harry’s Bar in Venice and then back for dinner at Ramsays… MWAH… as they say in Smug Square….

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