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I’ve learnt so much from my previous mistakes… I think I’ll make another.

Tonight, apart from drawing attention to Gordon Brown’s remarkable nasal excavations (posted earlier), I have decided to have a politics free blog post.

Apart, that is, from stating that I rather like the new edict that all government buildings fly the Union Jack as a statement against terrorism and a pride in Britain. As it happens, I do have a ‘Saltire’ (The white cross on a navy blue background of Scotland) – it is hanging on a pole in the corner of my office. I have had it for years.

And… Charles Kennedy has been caught smoking on a train! According to the BBC Charles Kennedy (although British Transport Plod only identified him as a “man’) was smoking on board and “refusing to stop”, thinking it was fine to smoke out of the window.

I am not a Lib-dem… but I do like Charles Kennedy. I particularly liked this quote from the BBC story: “Despite a New Year’s resolution to quit the habit for 2005, he admitted he was still smoking the following April, but said it had come down “drastically”.

A man after my own heart. A great loss to the Lib-Dems – at least he had / has ideas, style and a ‘spark’ even if he was, occasionally, unwell or sweating heavily at conferences.

I understand, that although The House of Commons was exempted from the No Smoking ban, MPs have acceded to the absurdity of their being the only people apart from convicted prisoners and those in hospices in being so exempt, ‘they’ have banned smoking at the H of C (Apart from designated outside areas). MPs are now smoking in the toilets / lavatories – apparently.

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The bogeyman is coming to get you…

The inimitable Guido Fawkes has an extraordinary film for you. Brown digs deep on this one. See the film. Won’t take long. Delicious ?

I’ll be doing a fairly long post later this evening / early tomorrow…. in the meantime… see our PM in action. Priceless. It is not known if David Cameron was able to pick up on this one.


By the way – my dead body is worth $3625. If you would like to find out much medical science will pay for your dead body – try this assessment. Might well pay for the funeral and a decent wake (Well….funeral when the medics have finished with your body). Here endeth my lunch break. Most satisfying.

And just a thought for this afternoon: Via Bore Me

Differences between Glasgow and America after a terror incident at an airport:

America: “Oh my God! There was a man on fire, he was running about, I just ran for my life… I thought I was gonna die, he got so close to me.”
Glasgow: “C*nt wis running aboot on fire, so a ran up ‘n gave him a good boot, then decked him.”

America: “I just wanna get home, away from here… I just wanna get home, I thought I was gonna die.”
Glasgow: “Here shug, am no leaving here till am oan a f*ckin’ plane!”

America: “There was pandemonium, people were running in all directions, we didn’t know what was happening, I thought I was gonna die.”
Glasgow: “F*ck this fir a kerry oan, moan we’ll get a pint in.”

America: “We thought he was gonna blow us all up he had a gas canister, and was trying to get into his trunk, I thought we were gonna die, I just ran for my life.”
Glasgow: “A swaggered by the motor that wis on fire, and the dafty couldnae even open his boot, he wis in fire annaw so a ran up n gave him a good boot to the baws.”

America: “There was this huge explosion, it sounded like war, I thought I was gonna die.”
Glasgow: “There wis a bang, yi know when yi throw B.O basher intae a fire it wis like that.”

America: “I’m too traumatised even to speak, I thought I was gonna die.”
Glasgow “Here mate, gies 2 minutes till a phone ma auld dear, if am gonna be oan the telly a want her tae tape it.”

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