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To hear F1 drivers saying they hope to ‘podium’ set me wondering.  If they can turn the noun ‘podium’ into a verb, so can I.  So I have taken up the practice of podiuming. I am not entirely sure how I shall practise this art because I am not likely to come across a podium to go podiuming on.  Perhaps those who are going to run, jump and throw things at the Olympics will also be going podiuming or hoping to podium. Anyway… I podium, you podium, he and she podiums.  Please feel free to turn nouns into verbs and comment below.  I suggested to Infobunny on Twitter that she is now going ‘aproning’ after purchasing a butcher’s apron today. Charon on Twitter? Indeed I am… That is quite enough of this… so moving on…

Hubris and vacuity…
Tony Blair accused Gordon Brown of generating ‘hubris and vacuity’ in a devastating private memo analysing his mistakes, which last night threatened to blow a hole in the heart of government. Excellent story. The Minotaur may have been able to skulk away in the labyrinth counting the shekels, but he has proved, beyond doubt, beyong peradventure, that he is completely crap at being the No 1. The Observer

Geeklawyer has been in Japan – and climbed Mount Fuji. Here is a link to his latest video report.

John Bolch, Family Lore, has produced some good podcasts on specific aspects of Family Law with more to come.  The First three are: Divorce Introduction | Children Law Introduction | Parental Responsibility

Carl Gardner, Head of Legal, continuers to monitor and comment on leading cases in Human Rights and this week has a note on ‘Obama the law lecturer’. Lo-fi continues to provide a remarkably useful weekly list of internet tools.

Blawg Review, the weekly carnival of law bloggers, while US oriented (in the main) is always worth checking out.  Last week Simple Justice hosted Review 170 themed around the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, written by a US defense attorney.


It has been a long weekend of writing for a law book and blogging – time now for me to turn some nouns into verbs so I am going to rioja…. as in drinking the stuff.


Postcard from the Staterooms Part 1 – Silly Season is a bit longer.

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Well…. it was never going to be long …. but Jaws is back and hot to trot and ready to receive your donations for his inclusive all faiths campaign. He’s going to Beijing on August 4th – so, if you want to ask him a question – send him an email to his new MySpace site.  As I have no faith and do not believe in the unbelievable, of whatever flavour / flavor – this is a tea party I shall pass on…. or, a word I prefer…. ‘avoid’.

Tea with Tone in China – home to democracy.

I don’t need to worry about offending the sensitivities of the Republic of China – my blog is blocked by the Great Firewall of China.  I am holding a one man boycott of the Olympic games here at my Staterooms in West London.  I cannot justify this entirely on political or moral grounds, of course (But there is an element of that in my boycott) – I just don’t see the point in using up any of the sand remaining in my ‘timer’ on watching someone run 100 yards or jump into the air…. but, as ever, each to their own….whatever gets you hot.

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