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Law review: 7th August 2008

Inspired by The Sun’s new “JUSTICE” section on their website, I fear the time has come, after years of abstinence, for me to write occasionally about the law and laws of our sceptred isle.  I have chosen as an icon for these occasional writings on law the image of Coke…. Sir Edward Coke.  It is, it has to be said at the outset, unlikely that those who craft pieces of analysis on our laws for free distribution through the blogosphere will have anything to fear from my pieces.

The Sun does appear to have a new “JUSTICE” section – and from this I discovered many things. A list of the headlines will give you a taste: Paedo brothers face jail – Tragic dog found hanged – Diamond heist trio are foiled – Nanny to stars found guilty – Cops in £1 million drug lord raid – 500 swindled in village scam – Camera cages two train thugs – At last… a zero tolerance judge – And Enemies of the Stately…. Mob gets 92  years for £30 million raids.

While others sit in well appointed warm libraries or sit in the comfort of their offices or homes reading law books, law reports, analog and digital – your man on the street, with a copy of The Gazette stuffed in his drizabone coat and necking Rioja straight from the bottle, will be talking to people about law, will be reading the rantings of the tabloid press – to bring you the people’s view on our law and laws.

FILMING….. SOON …. I have in mind, in the not too distant future, taking my Sony HD television camera onto the streetS with me to record ‘Voxpops’ – asking the people of our country, or at least those within 100 yards of the bar I am drinking in (or cafe I am taking breakfast at),  what they feel about the laws of England.

SO… who would like to be first to “VOXPOP with Charon” and be published in full technicolour. If you are an anonymous blogger – you may, of course, wear a bag over your head.  Balaclavas in public may not be appropriate – I have quite enough trouble with Police Community Support Officers harassing me about my overgrown head..

Apply in the comments section.  I have an Oyster card, so it is possible for me to travel to Chancery lane area.  It is posssible that my first interview will be with a London cab driver – seriously!

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7th August: Daily legal news and podcast now up on Insitelaw magazine


After a short two day break I have returned to the daily news podcast.  At the same time – the Insitelaw magazine has been updated significantly and also the weekly review of what UK and other bloawgers are writing about.

I reflect, in the news podcast, about the new “Justice” section in The Sun.

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