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Lawyers simply too dull to be on TV shock!…

RollonFriday has another beauty. This week, a story about Legal TV ditching programmes about and with real lawyers because they are too dull.

According to RollonFriday, Legal TV issued a press release (RollonFriday produces it) acknowledging that the real life world of lawyers was not interesting enough for TV. I quote from the RoF story…

“Legal TV were disappointed to find that “the lawyers were not able to rise to the occasion and save London… some of them were listless and not bothered that London was drowning”.

Senior Producer Grant Young added that they “did not seem to appreciate the urgency of the situation“.

Legal TV are re-thinking their strategy in relation to real lawyers. The press release indicates that other real life shows like “The Practice” are also being axed.

I can well see why, having watched this clip of Lawyers saving London from a Flood.

I just had to have a look around the Legal TV website for more press releases and to view their schedules. I came across this gem in a press release about “Lawyers saving the World” :

“Law professor Ann Althouse recently observed that lawyers are the only people about whom it’s considered socially acceptable to joke, “People like you should all be dead.” Most of us in polite society wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that to a gay man, or a black person. But telling a lawyer to his face the old joke about 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean being “a good start” is perfectly okay”

Legal TV were certainly enthusiastic about the concept at the beginning. Here is Producer Dean Heeley from Legal TV: This show will be a revelation for all in the UK, lawyers often get a bad press but we will show their positive side and why society cannot function without them, and who knows maybe they will really save the world!�

Well… there we are…
Fancy a visit to Legal TV?


Sutti frutti?…
Again, a hat-tip to RollonFriday for this one. I visited Studio Legale Sutti. An extraordinary experience. Fascist style lightning flashes and stirring music greet the visitor. Then on to the home page.

This declaration, as RoF pointed out, was on their home page!

Studio Legale Sutti Completes its Expansion in the Balkans and Becomes the First International Firm of Croatia

Excellent stuff… Mussolini would have been pleased! Bizarre.

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