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Have they resigned?…

I have just seen this pic on the net. Have they resigned?

I am out of circulation for a bit. But… I have given posting rights to a number of undisclosed people and a few nominees / proxies, including a Sudanese judge, so it may be that I will not be able to bear it when I return and see what is going on here. I am reliably informed that none of the people posting here this weekend have accounts with Northern Rock. They have moved their money to another bank.

Who knows who will appear on my blog as an author this weekend… but it won’t be me, so I cannot be held responsible (in any way) for the content, direction or tone of my blawg for the next few days.

I just hope that my blawg security hasn’t been hacked and you end up having to read something about Law.

Have a good weekend.. Bon chance… bon voyage et al….


Oh… and..finally… if you want to read something about wild talk and conspiracy and whether Harriet Harman, Clunking Fist and others are going to have a dawn raid… then Head of Legal is where you should go…. a piu tarde…. whatever that means.

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