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Like many, I read EU Law because I have to keep up. It is not bedtime reading for me and, as with others in the UK , I like the ‘idea’ of Europe, because I enjoy going there, but do not spend a great deal of time wondering about what they are up to in Brussels – a curious City in a nation that does not seem to have any government at the moment.

I did like the cover for the Europolitics Treaty of Lisbon PDF – an explanation of the treaty in 40 fun packed pages. Clearly, the translation is straight from the original French: “Here is what changes”... so if you want to know about what has changed in EU Law… here is the place to find out… anonymously. No-one will know that you did not know before.

I may email the Prime Minister to let him have a copy.

The Prime Minister likes getting emails from the electorate. Downing Street does warn that the PM himself may not actually have time to read your email – but Downing Street staff will read it and, quite possibly… GCHQ, MI5, MI6, HMRC and other ‘supervisors’ and local authorities. I am thinking about what I should send an email about. Email Gordon Brown?

I wonder if Downing Street gets a lot of spam… Viagra, Cialis, Nigerian 419 scammers… lottery wins in the Netherlands? The Downing Street website is fascinating… have spent twenty minutes wandering about. Went on a tour. Felt a bit like a burglar looking at the pics…

Good grief… Downing Street even has a ‘young people’s’ version. I discovered (See pic to the left) that a man called ‘Mr Chicken’was the last person to use Downing Street as a private home. I enjoyed the ‘up to the minute’ iconography of the mobile phone to appeal to the young.

Nothing like a bit of Education, Education, Education. I just had to have a look around… so I did a bit of surfing. I went to the ‘hot topics’ in the ‘young people’s section and was informed: “Wednesday 27 June 2007 was a big day at Number 10 Downing Street. Why? Because the country got a new Prime Minister!”

Excellent…. There is no limit to Gordon’s desire to tell the people of Britain that Blair has disappeared… a goner. Diary of Gordon Brown aged 13 1/4 ?


A masterpiece in The Times Today. Sum up Britain in five words: The Times kicked off with:

Dipso fatso bingo asbo Tesco

As The Times article stated: “It must have seemed such a simple wheeze to Gordon Brown: a motto to capture what makes Britain great. The idea ticks so many boxes on the Prime Minister’s to-do list that it proved irresistible to him.”

If you can do better than the one above – see above…. email Gordon Brown and let him know.

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