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And they want us to have identity cards?…

I watched the statement by the Chancellor…. 25 million records lost by HMRC… just imagine what they could do with biometrics and ID cards…. A cheap and easy jibe, I accept… and hardly original. But it does make one think.

Extraordinarily, The Chairman of HMRC fell on his sword and resigned.  This is fairly unusual in this day and age.  He didn’t even have a Knighthood… well he won’t be getting one now, one assumes.

(“Two password protected discs containing a full copy of HMRC’s entire data in relation to the payment of child benefit was sent to the National Audit Office, by HMRC’s internal post system operated by the courier TNT. The package was not recorded or registered. It appears the data has failed to reach the addressee in the NAO.”)  BBC Story

Rock On, Chancellor… sorry… perhaps ‘rock’ isn’t one of his favourite words at the moment.  So… not bad… two statements to the House in as many days.  Hat trick?  Have to say… he looked a bit subdued on TV this afternoon.

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I must stop reading tabloids…

Waking early, and after dealing with a few matters, I visited The Sun Online. I didn’t expect to find any useful news, but I did discover that The Sun had run a campaign to ban Gordon Brown from going to Wembley to watch the England v Croatia EURO 2008 football match because they think he is jinxed. Apparently Brown was watching when Scotland lost their match against Italy. Brown watched England lose the rugby World Cup Final.

Downing Street announced that Gordon Brown will not be at Wembley. I quote from The Sun story:

“Mr Brown’s official spokesman said: “Some have argued he’s not been the best of omens so far.” The PM was also keen not to take tickets from genuine fans.”


I also discovered that Mucca, as The Sun calls Heather McCartney-Mills, is urging us to stop drinking cow’s milk and instead use RAT’s milk on our cornflakes and with our tea and coffee.

I can take no more…

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