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Immigration Officer Puts Wife on the No-Fly List

From Lowering the Bar: According to the Daily Mail Online, an immigration officer who worked for the UK Border Agency managed to get his wife out of his hair for three years by putting her name on the no-fly list while she was visiting the in-laws overseas.

Unfortunately, when the Immigration officer applied for promotion, background checks revealed that he was married to “somebody on a terrorist watch list. That raised some eyebrows, and the officer then admitted he had tampered with the list.”


Supreme Court welcomes tweeters

UK HumanRights blog: The UK Supreme Court has released guidance on the use of “live text-based communications” from the court. Put simply, tweeting will be allowed in most cases.

The UK’s highest court of appeal has sensibly said that since its cases do not involve interaction with witnesses or jurors, subject to limited exceptions “any member of a legal team or member of the public is free to use text-based communications from court, providing (i) these are silent; and (ii) there is no disruption to the proceedings in court“.

Daily Mail and Sun accused of contempt over online photos

Guardian: Attorney general argues pictures of murder trial defendant ‘posing with a gun’ created risk of prejudice in court case

Better late than never, I suppose, for the A-G to rein in the more objectionable activities of the press in relation to criminal proceedings.  He appears to have overlooked press transgressions, however, in relation to the disgraceful coverage in the Yeates murder case…at least, for the time being.

Back later…. after a check up with a different type of doctor.


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