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The Man in the Iron Mask (French: L’Homme au Masque de Fer) is the name given to an ‘unknown prisoner’ who British prime minister Dave Cameron spoke to while wandering about randomly in Notting Hill, Chelsea and Battersea  trying to engage people in his Big Society project. 

The Man in The Iron Mask, this character of modern real politik, had been  held in a number of jails and was the only  prisoner who actually quite liked the idea of voting while he was in prison… the rest were more concerned about their human rights to enjoy mobile phone access, drugs, and their dreams of freedom and possible business ventures, involving re-distribution of wealth,  when their time was up.

The twist in the plot …or the dénouement …as we film reviewers call it… came when Cameron, sick to his stomach at the thought of meeting any more prisoners…let alone giving them the vote and, thereby, kow-towing to the hated villain of the film, Judge Europa – the leading European Court of Human Rights judge,  tasked his back-bench MPs with the mission  to say NO to lawbreakers having the right to elect law makers and to vote to break the hated European Convention laws handed down by Judge Europa and his lick spittle minions.

The film opens with a touch of film noir irony…footage from the BBC of quite a few ex-MPs being led away in tumbrils to begin their sentences for expenses fiddling and a ‘jump cut’ to The Daily Politics studio where Andrew Neil interviews a number of peers of the realm, who had been convicted of crimes and sentenced to terms of imprisonment, as to why they were involved in the law making process.

The film will be available on DAVE….soon.

Director: Frank ‘Ford Open Prison’ Copulator (2011)

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and…. the unsurprising result of the day…. voted in Parliament at 18:02 tonight…

And… my last observation on the matter for tonight…. because I quite fancy a glass of vino after all this… responding to a tweet by @garydunion but running out of space on twitter to accredit original tweeter…..



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Withdrawal from the European court of human rights is not a legal problem

Rosalind English in The Guardian: Criticisms of the Policy Exchange report distracts from legitimate points made in a political debate masquerading as a legal one

An analysis of the The European Convention and the ECHR from an experienced lawyer…well worth reading.

And this piece from Carl Gardner, author of The Head of Legal blog is also worth reading…

MPs vote on prisoners’ votes: how to square the circle

Carl Gardner writes….

An interesting afternoon ahead to see what our MPs do….. some, Lord Prescott chips in on Daily Politics, want to abolish the Human Rights Act?

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