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I shall start my Friday Rive Gauche post with a sensible comment and let it go downhill from there….

While it may make David Cameron ‘sick to the stomach’ and irritate many in this country who feel that those who have committed criminal offences (some extremely serious and denying the human right to life, freedom from assault and rape to the victims) should be denied the right to vote –  do we, as a country wish to inflict an eye for an eye, behaving in like manner as those who commit serious crimes,  and continue to refuse to comply with the judgment of the ECHR, a court which applies The European Convention, which not only did we sign up to, but which we were instrumental in drafting after World War II?

Thomas Hammarberg, Europe’s commissioner for human rights, points out in The Guardian today:

Prisoner voting: Convicts are human beings, with human rights

Most other member states of the Council of Europe already allow prisoners to vote – and this has caused no real problems

I believe that we should comply with the judgment for three reasons: Firstly, we are a civilised nation.  Secondly, we signed up to The European Convention and thirdly, if we are to build our country going forward and deal with other nations not by waging war, but by working with them, a strong record on human rights and fairness can only help that ideal.

Well…. if we are going to go downhill…we may as well do it in style.  RollonFriday.com reports today in their News section…always worth a read on a Friday…

Debevoise London office in vomiting party shame

RollonFriday reports: A leaving party for a Debevoise & Plimpton lawyer has not gone well, with one member of staff chucking up and rumours of another being knocked unconscious.

The party was held at the Pacific Oriental bar on Threadneedle Street. An insider said that the attendees were completely smashed, and behaved sufficiently badly for the bar staff to ask them repeatedly to calm down. And one member of the Debevoise team was so wrecked that he threw up on the entrance steps.

I am grateful to my old friends Mick & Nick Nosh of The Nosh Brothers (anarchic celeb chefs, hooligans and gourmandisers – I was even a shareholder in the now defunct Nosh Brothers restaurant, late of Notting Hill. Those were the days!)  for the inspiration for the caption below……  I have ‘nicked’ their wonderful introduction to a chapter in one of their books.)

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TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! – We want Sally Bercow!

Sally Bercow: photoshoot made me look like a ‘complete idiot’

Sally Bercow, wife of House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, today said she looked a ”complete idiot” appearing in a newspaper wearing nothing but a bedsheet.




Judge for yourselves….. I’d certainly pay good money to see MPs all wearing Togas at PMQs…. fact!

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