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David Cameron welcomes Egypt’s ‘precious moment’ after Hosni Mubarak’s exit

Metro reports…where else?: David Cameron has welcomed President Hosni Mubarak’s decision to step down and told Egypt that the UK is ready to help its transition to democracy.  (Pic photoshopped by me…. Cameron would never flick a V sign at the people of Britain)

And on this momentous day for Egypt… Lord Sugar tweets away…. you..really…could not make it up…

I haven’t even got the will to use Lord Sugar’s catchphrase in a post mubarka-ironic way….

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Lawcast 178:  Carl Gardner on the prisoner votes issue and where we go now

Today I am talking to Carl Gardner, ex government lawyer, barrister, and author of  The Head of Legal blog about the vote in the House of Commons yesterday on prisoner votes.

The Sun’s headline screamed this morning… IT’S UP EURS!….and we had the spectacle yesterday of 234 lawmakers voting to break the law (the European convention law that is….and defy the European Court of Justice)….as The Sun said…. “REMEMBER the date. Thursday, February 10, 2011 was the day Britain’s Parliament finally stood up to Europe over human rights madness.”

We look at the vote, what the government could do now and the reality of ‘thinking the unthinkable’ and come out of The European Convention and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights

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Useful links:

Carl Gardner’s blog post: MPs vote on prisoners’ votes: how to square the circle

Rosalind English of 1 Crown Office Row writing in The Guardian:

Withdrawal from the European court of human rights is not a legal problem

Criticisms of the Policy Exchange report distracts from legitimate points made in a political debate masquerading as a legal one

Lawcast 169: Prisoner votes – An analysis of Hirst and Frodl with Carl Gardner

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